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The Trixie Move2Win puzzle game is great for providing rewarding mental stimulation for your dog.

Hide treats underneath the cones and in the various compartments and your dog must work out how to access them.

There are 4 components or levels to this game, start off with the simplest and work your way up as your dog gets the hang of it.

  • Level 1: Lift up the cones
  • Level 2: Pull open the dark blue drawers using loops
  • Level 3: Push slider knob along to open light blue drawers
  • Level 4: Place cones in top holes and use as stoppers

Trixie Move2Win dog game is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and features rubber feet to help keep it in place while your dog plays.

Move2Win Dog Activity Toy

$44.00 Regular Price
$30.80Sale Price
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