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K9 Connectables are agreat for keeping your dog occupied by making them use the brain to work for rewards! When filled with treats, your dog will love figuring out how to get at their tasty reward. 


The Dentist (set of 2) has small grooves on the outside of the toy that dogs can’t help but bite down on.. this helps promotes dental hygiene and keeps teeth clean!


There are three connection levels of difficulty on The Dentist which make them a little harder than The Original to break apart for tasty rewards and of course connect with the whole K9 Connectables range for play time that lasts longer.


Designed by a team of dedicated dog owners in conjunction with Veterinary Professionals and Dog Behaviour Experts. The Connectables crew are all product designers who are on a mission to make the finest toys and equipment for every dog.


Independently tested to be non-toxic, BPA & Phtalate free rubber.

The Dentist (Medium)

Mid October
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